Stagefright Live at Expressions April 5

[Frames for All] Fundraiser
at Expressions Gallery, Berkeley CA
Expressions Fundraiser

6 pm – 9 pm Saturday April 5th

2035 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, California, 94703

Suggested Donation $5 – Silent [art] auction – [Musical] Performance by Stagefright. Serena Toxicat will read about a traveling [musical] band of vagabonds [living in a band] from “Evangeline and the Drama Wheel” Sumiko Saulson will read a passage about [homeless hero] Gerald K. Sampson from “Solitude”

This is a fundraiser for Expressions Gallery and their recently launched program to assist homeless [artists] who aspire to have their works included in future shows to get their artwork exhibit-ready. This will include proper framing and hanging materials necessary to prepare the art for inclusion in a show. Homelessness impacts everyone. It is all around us whether we notice it or not. It’s the piles of clothing and people’s belongings in our doorways; the people pushing shopping carts piled with all their worldly possessions; the ‘hidden homeless’, borrowing the couch of a friend; and those trudging along our city streets with bent shoulders and gloveless hands. Among these people are artists who never get the chance to show their work because they cannot do more than sketch their ideas in small notebooks or found cardboard. They have no materials or places to work on their art, no computers to submit work to galleries no place to store their work, and no money for framing.

All Ages – Full Details:


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